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How to get Whole Life Coverage?

Whole Life Coverage Step-By-Step

Step 1

Understanding What it is

Whole Life Coverage allows you to pay your funeral expenses, at a monthly rate adjusted to your budget, and no interest, instead of a sudden lump sum bill. It protects your family from the impact from that expense and loss of your income. The younger you are, the cheaper your monthly premium will be.

Step 2

How It Works

From the time you begin you pay monthly premiums, the coverage guarantees payout for your beneficiaries when you pass away (death benefit). As you continue paying premiums, part of it accumulates as a cash value that builds compound interest that'll be available for you to use while you're living.

Step 3

The Benefits

Our permanent policy also has some benefits, like a no-cost will kit. As well as, child safety kit for your children as soon as they're born up to the age of 18. The policy has tax benefits on payouts, no interest on premiums, cash value that grows with compound interest, and more depending on your age. Most importantly, it gives peace of mind, knowing you're covered for life.

Step 3

How to Qualify

To qualify, you have to be mostly healthy. Meaning you can't have a terminal illness, cancer or other serious conditions. You must be a citizen or permanent resident. Click the qualify link below to take a quick survey and find out if you're eligible.

Step 4

Zoom Meeting

Once qualified, we will schedule a Zoom Meeting so we can meet virtually, and I can answer all of your questions and walk you through each next step. At this time, we will find out what is most beneficial for you and your family specifically and also is within budget.

Whole Life Coverage Benefits

Why It's Essential For You & Your Family

Key to building wealth
Free Inheritance/ Will Kit

You decide what beneficiaries receive without all the lawyers fees with this legal document. Leave more than just your death benefit to have tax-free inheritance immediately provided to whomever you select.

Family playing with toys
Child Safety Kit

Trigger an immediate response to help look for a missing child if ever needed. Associated with the amber alert, just one press of a button and every law enforcement will be notified within a 5-mile radius. Skipping the process of waiting for a response and then relaying the situation with the needed information, making it instant.

Interest Free & A Tax Free Lump Sum

You pay for your funeral costs in monthly installments at no interest, and your family will receive a Tax-Free Lump Sum when the time comes. Pay-outs happen as soon as they're needed, within 24–48 hours.

Grandchild holding grandparent hands
Lifetime Coverage

From the moment you're approved and start paying your premiums, your family will be protected for your entire life.

man calculating prices
Income Replacement

You can adjust your policy's coverage so that it covers the loss of your income or consider the increased expenses that would arise after your funeral. Making sure you leave behind as much financial support as realistically possible.

black and white piggy bank

Secure Future

Give your child an advantage with a Whole Life Policy at the lowest possible rates, & they won't have to retake medical exams and raise premiums.


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